Leftover Computers for Sale 2017

We have some MacBook Pros bought in 2012 for sale. They are still in working condition. Please check the following form for their configurations and prices. If you want to buy one, please fill the online form below. (you will see the form from website not email)

Please notice:

  • All computers sold have no warranty and no return.
  • Everyone can only buy one computer. If more people want to buy, we will do a lucky draw for winners.
  • Here is the timeline for this sale:  
  • March 10th, this Friday, 15:00 – deadline to submit your purchase request
  • March 15th, next Wednesday at 15:15 – lucky draw (we will show the lucky draw process on the screen near library)
  • March, 16th, next Thursday – winners will be notified by email

You do not have permission to view this form.

If you can not view the form, please open this website:

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