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New Sign-in/-out Trial

As of Monday, March 27 and through the April break, we will be piloting a new digital sign-in/-out approach with Faculty to access the 3rd Floor Fitness Center and/or Pool.  In the long term, we hope this will replace the current paper and pen method.  Faculty will need to sign in and out via an iPad at reception with the ID number (omit the first letter) on your NIS ID.  All other staff and community members are welcome to use this approach as well, though there will be one additional step involved as we have not input all the ID numbers yet.  For this reason, we will still have the paper and pen sheet available for non-Faculty community members. We will be soliciting feedback through a QR Code, to be reviewed after the April holiday. 


Hi All,

Every trimester, our school submits an article or art work for the EARCOS TriAnnual Journal. The Spring issue will be coming up soon. If you are interested in submitting an article, they are looking for any in these areas:

Community Service Projects
Campus Development – New building plans, under construction, just completed.
Curriculum Initiatives – New and exciting adoption efforts, and creative teacher ideas.
Green and Sustainable – Related to campus development and/or curriculum.
Student Art –  HS art in Spring issue.
Student Literary Work – Short stories, poetry, scholarly writing.
Service Learning
Action Research

Reading Corner

The submissions are due April 1st. I have the requirements for submitting the articles so please let me know if you are interested in writing for the journal. I am also more than happy to help you with this or read over your article.





Student-Led Conferences Wednesday

Hello Grade 6-10 Students,

Your student-led conferences are this Wednesday! See the FAQ’s below:

  1. Do I have to come? Yes! 
  2. Really? Yes!
  3. Why should I? To show off all the cool stuff you can do. Impressed parents are more generous, just sayin’.
  4. How will you know if I was here? You are going to sign in in the Centre Foyer upon arrival!
  5. What should I bring? Your charged laptop and at least one parent…
  6. What if my parents are busy? Tag along with someone else!
  7. What time? When it’s convenient for your parents or surrogate.
  8. Do we sign up? No, you sign IN 

See you then!

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