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Game Day! (and a joke)

Q: What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday?

Game Day is on tomorrow (Friday) at 1:00 in the back of the library. We’ve had lots of Jenga, Uno, Egyptian, Operation, and a variety of other games played over the past few weeks. Come check it out, socialize, have fun, and see if you can beat your teachers!

A: Aye Matey

Antiquities available


If anyone is planning on making a time capsule or wants to show students what cassette tapes, VHS tapes and film cameras look like- the resource room is getting rid of a tub. First come first serve.


Venue changed for Cigna & OWC monthly visit on April 19, 2017

Dear overseas staff,

Please note that the venue for Cigna & OWC monthly visit on April 19, 2017 (10:15 ~ 15:00) will be changed from H303 to H302b Centre due to the financial internal audit.

Best wishes,

Clara Xi
HR Assistant
Nanjing International School
Tel: +86 25 85899111*3060 / Fax: +86 25 85899222

Inter-house Trivia Quiz

Mr Hornell’s wacky inter-house trivia quiz will be held this Friday during advisory. Each advisory class should create three teams (2-4 people in each).

Advisors – Please agree a location where you can meet with one advisory class from each of the other two houses.  The same groups that competed in the music quiz should work best.

Good luck!


Strategy Team Vacancy: Project Leader

The Project Leader coordinates the initiatives that drive the eight strategic projects. This role includes the support of the design cycle for all initiatives, documentation of applications and support, communication of ideas and scaling up or adoption of successful prototypes (under review in May).

Applications by: 1:00pm on Monday, April 17

  • Email Arden 1-page application letter & 1-page CV
  • Expected commitment: 2 years (in the case of a possible exception, please see Arden)

Interviews: Week 30

Appointment of successful candidate: Week 31

Please speak with Arden with any questions.  Thank you!

Grade 6 Upstairs

Hello Grade 6 Angels,

Your upstairs cafeteria privileges are now restored on a probationary basis. To keep them you must:

-Clean up after yourselves (that means helping each other)

-Respect the furniture

-Treat each other kindly in word and deed

The next offense will result in the upstairs of the cafeteria being off-limits to all Grade 6 students for the remainder of the school year…

You can do it!

Mr. Bratton

Grades 10-12 Transition to University Life

NIS 2015 graduate, Michael Wang, would like to share his insight and experiences of life after high school.  Come to the MYP/LGR at

lunch today, Tuesday at 12:30 to have an engaging conversation about university life and what to expect after high school.

Middle School Gamers!

Reminder to Middle School Gamers,

Bad News: The “Gaming Room” C151 will be off-limits to gamers starting Monday April 10th (note the closed door in the picture below!)

Why?: This room will be used by Grade 5 students and teacher as a hub for PYPx. Cool, right!?

Good News: It’s Spring! You can play outside instead Monday-Thursday and attend Game Day on Friday’s in the Library Foyer! Lucky you!

Big No-No: Gaming in the library is not okay. Reading? Yes! Working? Yes! Gaming NO!

Please see Mr. Bratton if you have any questions!

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