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Game Day (and a joke)

Q: What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday?

Game Day is on tomorrow (Friday) at 1:00 in the back of the library. We’ve had lots of Jenga, Uno, Egyptian, Operation, and a variety of other games played over the past few weeks. Come check it out, socialize, have fun, and see if you can beat your teachers!

A: Aye Matey

MAP Tests

Dear Grade 3 – 10 Students,

Starting on Monday April 17th you will have a second round of MAP testing in Maths and Reading. Be sure to check with your Maths and English teachers when your tests will be held. Your teachers are excited to see how much your have grown as a learner since you did the tests in September. This is our goal.. to Measure your Academic Progress this year using the two sets of data. Questions? Please ask them..


MAP Proctors’ Training – TODAY

If you are a Proctor for a MAP test next week we are offering a refresher session to remind everyone about the logins and how to administer the tests. The session will be run by Joe and Cindy in the MYP LGR TODAY (April 12th) at 3.15pm. See you then with your computers. Contact myself, Joe or Cindy for more information.

G6-10 Inter house Tech Challenge

Today block 5 is the MYP Tech Challenge.  All G6-10 students need to line up outside in grade levels outside the Library foyer at 1.50pm today.  Teacher will bring you to your designated area for the Tech Challenge at 1.55pm.   Make sure that you have 5 teams for each house in each grade level to have the best chance of winning.

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