MYP Tech Challenge results

Congratulations to all participants in the MYP Tech Challenge.  One of the closest Tech Challenges we have had to date.  The results are as follows –

G6 – 1st – Wutaishan 2nd – Xuanwu 3rd – Taiping

G7 – 1st -Taiping 2nd – Xuanwu 3rd – Wutaishan

G8 -1st -Taiping 2nd – Xuanwu 3rd – Wutaishan

G9 – 1st -Xuanwu 2nd – Taiping 3rd – Wutaishan

G10 – 1st – Wutaishan 2nd – Taiping 3rd – Xuanwu


3rd place – Wutaishan

2nd place – Xuanwu

1st place – Taiping

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