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Beware of Microsoft Attachments from strangers (and friends)


A few days ago Microsoft disclosed a flaw in their Microsoft Office suite of programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) that allowed hackers to embed a malware program known as a “trojan horse” providing them access to sensitive security information. Please read more about this here. In the meantime, steps you can take to protect yourself are to run the Microsoft Office update to get the “patch” for this flaw, and to only click on Microsoft (Word, Excel, etc.) attachments from people you know and are expecting. If you are unsure, check with the sender. Microsoft had promised an update 11 April 2017 but as of yet it has not reached China…so please keep checking. Thank you.

The IT Department

Life 101 Friday April 14, 2017 Day 8 Blk 2 9:40

Session 4 Lesson 1 April 14, 2017

Attention Grade 9 – Today you will meet in front of the library, not the drama classroom

Grade 7:  : Upstairs Cafe: Wellness:  Ms. Bezzerides

Grade 8:  Upstairs Design Center:  Digi Citi: Mr. Barder and Ms. Cindy

Grade 9:  Library/Cafeteria Foyer:  Identity: Mrs. Snyder and Mr. Bratton

Grade 10: Work Week: MYP/LGR: Mrs. Galaty and Dr Saavedra

Grade 11:  Large Music Room: EE: Mrs. Clarke

Grade 12: DP Lounge: Study

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