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Music Evening Performers

The Music Evening is May 9th!

Every year, we have really great small ensembles, rock bands, and soloists performing in the music evening. These are music students who are highly enthusiastic and who would like to put together their own performance, outside of music clubs.

If you are interested in performing, please contact Miss Keus ( by May 28th. Of course, sooner is better).

Happy practicing!

Miss Keus


Q: Why is Peter Pan always flying?

Homework Club will be held today from 3:15-4:15 for all grade 6-12 students and teachers. Come work on homework, study for exams, work on projects, or just get organized!

A: Because he never lands.

HAHA! This joke never gets old.

3 new activities start this week!!

Soccer for Grade 1 – Grade 4 0n Wednesdays after school with DISA Soccer Academy

Soccer for Grade 5 – Grade 8 on Fridays after school with Soccer Pro Barcelona

Golf for Grades 2 – 11 with Zhongshan Golf. Beginners on Thursdays after school at NIS, intermediate on Saturdays at Zhongshan Golf Academy.

Sign ups are through the Activity Providers – see posters attached above for details.

Absent? A few clarifications

Dear Colleagues, we have been experiencing some confusion with the ‘Absence categories’ for staff. This can lead to misunderstandings with regards to staff attendance records. Please note the following clarifications. More guidance is on the Absence Request Form:

School Business (SB); if you are absent on behalf of NIS

Professional Leave (PFL): if you are absent on behalf of another organisation (eg Workshop leader, accreditation visit, presenting at a conference)

Professional Leave (PFL): if you are absent for personal professional reasons (eg Interviews, job fairs)

Professional Development (PD): Attending a course, workshop or conference (eg IB Workshop, ACAMIS workshops, EARCOS)

Personal Leave (PL): Must be approved by Arden (eg Embassy visits, meeting family at the airport)


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