Archive | April 23, 2017

Discover China Week trips – close of selections

At 1.00 pm Monday the selection choices for the October 2017 Discover China week will close. At this stage the trips are:

Grades 6/7 

Yellow Mt – Full

Taishan – Vacancies

Hangzhou – Full

Grades 8/9

Beijing – Vacancies

Shaolin Temple / Luoyang – Vacancies

Moganshan – Full

Grades 10/11

Xiamen – Full

Guiyang – Vacancies

Yangshuo – Vacancies

At 1.00pm we will assign students who have not made a selection to the trips with vacancies. If this year’s Grades 7 to 10 would like to make a choice I suggest you get in early and choose the trip that you prefer. Early next year it may be possible for a small number of students to change trips depending on the number students that leave NIS and the number of new students. If it is possible for any students to change trips I will inform you in August.


Please add your events to the Calendar in reception today, if you have not already done so. Thanks.

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