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Library Books Due by Friday June 2

Thanks for bringing them back by Friday June 2, 2017

6A- Oscar, Jonas, Gian, Melissa, Junhao, Sherry

6B- Sammy, Jessica, Lessan, Kiki

6C- Yoobin, Kevin

7A- Lucy, Jacob, Gianluca, Seunghun, Lane, Tirso

7B- Yujin, Chaebin, Taehyung, Evan, Jinhyung, Camryn

7C- Pierson, Dahun, Rintaro, Seo Kyung, Jasmine, Eason

8A- Sunny, Minseo, Min-Joon, Zach, Alina, So Hyun

8B- Yoonji, Eva, Andy, Helen, SeoYun, Woojin, Emily

9A- Jui-Yu, Angila, Maxim

9B- Gunho, Shuyang

9C- Paul

10A- Abbie, Seunghun, Hyunseo, Megan,  Lucas

10B- Lucas, Dahyun, Luke

10C- Senaash, Charlotte, Kangmin, Angela L., Jun Sang

MOD of June 3, 2017

Dear all,

The MOD of this weekend is Wayne Liu.

Best wishes,

Clara Xi
HR Assistant
Nanjing International School
Tel: +86 25 85899111*3060 / Fax: +86 25 85899222

Sports coaching next year

Any staff member who might be interested in coaching a sport next year, or being an assistant coach, please email me or come to talk to me to find out more. You do not need to have coaching experience. If you are unsure if it is right for you, come and have a chat.


It is my sincere hope that we have finished inputting events in to the printed calendar for next year. Everyone can see what is in there and when events are occurring using the  Calendar in Veracross (Calendar – School tab).  Please let me know of any issues with this by the end of today. Thanks.

Police Visit Grades 7-9

Hello Grade 7-9 Students,

Our friends from the Nanjing Police Bureau will visit with you in the PAC on Thursday during Life 101 to discuss personal safety, rules and regulations in Xianlin, and how to avoid possible issues with law enforcement.

The style of presentation will be a Q&A and for this we need your questions! Could you please make a list of 10-12 questions as an Advisory today and/or tomorrow and ask you Advisor to send this list to Mr. Bratton by 8:30am on Wednesday? We’ll use some of these questions to guide our discussion with the police officers that are coming to visit.


G 6-10 C&S Award

Hello Grade 6-10 Students,

Have you been an active participant in our C & S program this year? Do you like awards? If yes, then send Mr. Hutchison a brief (maximum one page) application by Tuesday, June 6th. All Grade 6-10 students are eligible! 

Quiet Music Suite

The Language A internal assessments (IAs) will take place on Wednesday, May 31st and Thursday, June 1st in the music ensemble room (M251). This means that all classes will be doing quiet, paperwork instead of practical work – final evaluations, reflections, finishing research project, etc. Please ensure that you have your laptop with you for these two days. Thanks for your understanding.

Interhouse Music Moved

This year’s interhouse music competition has been moved to Friday, June 9th. The good news is that you now have 1 1/2 weeks to practice. The bad news is that Xuanwu has already started practicing. The sheet music is on the server, and we have working microphones ready to go — please come into the music rooms during breaks, lunches, or after school to rehearse. May the best team (Wutaishan) win!

The Importance of Being Earnest

After three immensely popular and hugely successful productions, Accidental Theatre is back! This year’s treat is the hilarious Oscar Wilde comedy The Importance of Being Earnest. Set over three acts, the tale follows two bachelors who create alter egos to escape their tiresome lives. The pair struggle to keep up with their own stories and become entangled in disguise, deception and misadventure!

This play is suitable for Grade 6 and above. Running time a little over 2 hours.

Tickets available from reception. Limited seating. Get them while you can!

Attention All Students Grades 6-11 !

Are you interested in being a part of Student Council next year?

Maybe you’re ready to take on a leadership position?!?

There are still four open positions for Committee Leaders:
  • Wellness Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Assembly Committee
Please email or if you are interested in any of these positions or have any questions!
Thank you!
Sarah and Willy 
2017-18 Student Council Presidents

Athletics Feedback

Gr4 – 12 Students, please could you give us some feedback on the Athletics Program so we can continue to make it better. It does not matter if you took part in a sport this year or not, your feedback would be really appreciated. It will only take a few minutes. Click on this link to take the survey:


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