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Car Parking Closure

Dear All ,

A kindly reminder that there will be no car parking in school this Saturday, May 6th due to our PTA Spring Fun Day event.

Thanks for your cooperation

Facility Team

Your help is appreciated.

If this sign is outside D248, D218 or D221 there are exams running. Please help me by reminding your students to keep the noise to a minimum when transitioning between classes. I will place the sign inside the classrooms when there are no exams running. Many thanks!

IB Diploma exams -Silence Please

If you see this sign outside D248 (MUN room) , D218 (next to Mr Battye’s room) or D221 (Mr. Anthony Lee’s room) it means there are exams running. NIS is an inclusive learning community and some students taking the IB Diploma have either extra time, the use of a computer, a reader or a combination of these accommodations. They also need a different room for their exams. Please help them by keeping the noise to minimum. Many thanks for your help! Exams start at 8:00 am in the mornings and at 1:00 pm in the afternoons.

Self Study: (Almost) finished

Dear All, Yesterday marked a big day in the self study process…the final committee chairs made their reports to the Steering Committee bringing to an end a year of hard graft from every single member of our school staff, plus some parents, Board members and students. The resulting document is a very fair reflection of the strengths and areas for improvement at NIS which is the product of a thorough review of the evidence combined with debate and discussion. The energy and thought you have all given this process has been inspiring.

Want to read it? Everyone should have full access on the One Drive but I am happy to help with this if you cannot get to it.

What next? Jacqui Patrick, Andrew Kay and Rick Fischl are sifting through the reports to compile our final over all Action Plan. Monica, Arek, Anna and myself are planning the visit in September. Samantha is creating a booklet for the visitors and Marina, Juan and Kasson are finishing the IB questionnaires for the IB Evaluation.

Thanks to everyone for all your hard work.

Interhouse Theatresports Competitions – Middle School and Upper School

The most Dramatic sporting event of the season doth approach! Yes…the 2017 annual theatre SPORT event is set for Week 33!

Grades 6-8 Tuesday 9th May at 12:30 in the Black Box

Grades 9-11 Wednesday 10th May 12:50 in the Black Box

If you are interested in competing for your house in this event please see your house captains and come to a very important meeting in the Black Box at morning break on Thursday 4th May (tomorrow). House Captains will need to attend this meeting to help arrange the teams.

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