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Mobile Display Boards Advance Warning!

Please take note PYPX will be needing ALL the mobile pin boards for the exhibition. We will be requesting all boards in the theatre at 3 pm Wednesday 24th May. We’ll be done with them by 1:00pm on Friday 26th May.

If you are using boards in Week 35, please be aware… AND thank you in advance for removing all items from the boards before passing them on to the the grade 5 students!


Graduation Ceremony and Dinner

Dear Staff

If you would like to attend the Graduation Ceremony and Dinner please email me. There is limited seating, as the PAC is set for dinner and we have 35 graduates with their families. I would love to have representation from all sections of the school.

When: May 20 @ 6:00 pm, Formal Dress, PAC Theatre


G7-11 Exam Schedule

Please see and check the exam schedule attached. Activities for this semester will only run in Block 3. More information on activities available shortly, signing up will be on Veracross.

If you do not have an exam, unless is is indicated in the schedule or you have signed up for an activity, you should go to your normal classes. Block 2 all week is a designated as a quiet study period in your normal subject lesson for the day.

On Friday May 19 bock 2 is a Life 101. May Exams 2017-2dwlk1f

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