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In the past music interhouse competitions, we’ve had indie rock, country, hard rock, and jazz. And now, this year we will have… drum roll, please…!


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Get out your bell bottoms and party like it’s 1978!

featuring… Rasputin by Boney M.!

Go to studentlargestorage / music / interhouse competition and you will see sheet music for a variety of different ensembles. Remember some basic rules:

  • Try to be as creative and as “cool” as possible. (But costumes and dancing don’t count – this is a music competition and not a performing arts competition.)
  • Teams can be grades 6 – 11 and must be a mix of boys and girls.
  • Miss Keus helps everyone… including teams that are not Wow-taishan… and Miss Keus will not be a judge.

Wednesday, May 30th in M251!

Interhouse Theatresports Competition

House Captains please ensure you have organized your teams in preparation for this week’s Theatresports competitions (maximum 6 per team).

Tuesday Grades 6-8 12:30 in the Black Box

Wednesday Grades 9-11 12:55 in the Black Box

2017-18 Student Council Co-Presidents

We, Sarah Nappi and Willy Wang, are both pleased to be the Student Council co-presidents for the 2017/2018 school year.

We are dedicated students who are active members of the community: sports, theatre productions, and MUN to name a few.

We have many exciting goals for next year including working on more chance for students to authentically Burst the Bubble.

We are extremely open to hearing EVERY idea that you all have for us! 

We will be YOUR voice with the school administration and fight for what is important to YOU.

Willy Wang and Sarah Nappi

Music Tech Rehearsal

The Music Evening technical rehearsal will be on Monday from 3:15 – 4:15. This calendared event is essential to running an efficient concert on Tuesday. Students must attend the tech rehearsal first before leaving for other ASAs, athletics, etc. Our aim is to get performers in and out as quickly as possible.

3:00 – 3:15: Advanced Chamber Orchestra

3:15 – 5:15: General tech rehearsal begins.

Students who would like to attend an athletics rehearsal should come with their PE kit ready so that they can run straight out as soon as their sections are finished. Thank you to other club leaders for their understanding and patience.


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