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Photo Scavenger Prize

The top four winning teams from Friday’s Photo Scavenger hunt are invited to M252 at lunch today for their prize. See you there!

Reducing rubbish – easy new idea from Admissions

Now that we have all reduced the number of rubbish bins and plastic bags in our classes and offices, what do you now do with those small bits and pieces like tissues, orange peel or pencil shavings that accumulate throughout the day?

Grace Kim has made some small paper boxes using recycled paper. If you would like a template or to bring a couple of your students over  to our offices to see how easy they are to make – you are welcome to drop by.

Let’s all play our part in improving sustainability in our school and saving our beautiful planet.

(More importantly we need to reduce the amount of rubbish we make – so we do not need bins of any shape or size….)

ASAs and MYP/DP Exam week

MYP/DP ASAs will not run from Tuesday May 16th to Tuesday May 23rd due to MYP/DP exams. The final three days of MYP / DP ASA cycle 3 will be Wed May 24, Thur May 25 and Fri May 26.

PYP ASA will continue as normal until the end of the cycle on Friday May 26th.

EARCOS Triannual Journal

For the spring journal, Kath and Arden’s articles were featured. Please take a look at their articles on page 20 and 38. Congratulations!


Mobile pinboards – PYPX

Please take note PYPX will be needing ALL the mobile pin boards for the exhibition. We will be requesting all boards in the theatre at 3 pm Wednesday 24th May. We’ll be done with them by 1:00pm on Friday 26th May.

If you are using boards in Week 35, please be aware… AND thank you in advance for removing all items from the boards before passing them on to the the grade 5 students!

Grade 5 Exhibition Survey

A group of Grade 5 students are inquiring into girls’ education for their Exhibition. They would like to hear your opinions on this topic. Please take a few minutes to help them by filling in this survey.


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