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Quiet Library During Exams


Thanks for keeping the library quiet at break and lunch during exams. Individuals and pair studying only… all large groups of students should go to the upstairs of the cafeteria.

Happy studying!

Homework Club!!

Q: Why didn’t Cinderella make the basketball team?

Homework Club is on today from 3:15-4:15! Come get ready for your exams, work on projects, get organized, and have fun!

A: Because she ran away from the ball!

MYP Overdue Library Books

Thanks for bringing them back!

  • 6A- Oscar, Isabella, Alice, Jonas, Gian, Melissa, Junhao, Sherry
  • 6B- Joshua, Chi, Toni, Sammy, Jessica, Lessan, Sophie, Kiki
  • 6C- Yoobin, YeeShan, William, Erica, Robin, Max, Kevin, Casey


  • 7A- Yejin, Lucy, Jacob, Gianluca, Chaeyun, Lane, Tirso
  • 7B- Yujin, Chaebin, Sam, Taehyung, Evan, Jinhyung, Camryn
  • 7C- Pierson, Dahun, Eason


  • 8A- Sunny, Minseo, Min-Joon, Zach, Alina, So Hyun
  • 8B- Yoonji, Eva, Helen, SeoYun, HyunJun, Jeewoo, Paul, Noah, Emily


  • 9A- Jui-Yu, Angila, Maxim
  • 9B- Shuyang
  • 9C- Angela C., Paul


  • 10A- Alexia, Abbie, Max, Megan, Lucas
  • 10B- Sophia, Luke
  • 10C- Senaash, Charlotte, Alicia, Angela L., Lukas


You may have noticed that we have 2 new outdoor table tennis tables outside the gym entrance. These are for everyone to enjoy. Please take care of the tables, the bats and the balls. We have a limited supply of bats and balls so please put them back in the box when you are finished playing so the next people can enjoy playing too.

SET Professional Feedback Surveys: Last Call

Dear All,

You are invited to give professional feedback to the four members of the Senior Education Team; Juan, Marina, Kasson and Ruth, using the links below. The survey is being administered by Samantha and all responses are confidential. The survey will close on May 17th at 4pm. Many thanks.





Table Sale for Amy Yang Round 2: Today

Today between 2pm and 4pm there will be a second chance to purchase items from the Table Sale with all proceeds going to Amy Yang. The table sale will be in the foyer outside the Library. Please come along to browse, pick up some great bargains and support Amy!

Reminder: MS/US Meetings Today

Our MS/US Tuesday meetings will be focused on working with English & Math teachers on MAP Data, then on building class lists for next school year…

 1. All MYP English A/B and Math teachers, please meet in the MYP LGR at 2:45pm with your laptops. We’ll spend 45 minutes diving into MAPs!

2. From 3:30pm: Class lists: Please see the attached plan here.. The following teachers are involved: Ben, Dan, Francis, Kris, Rick, Angela R., Paul U., Minza, Andrei, Robin M., Triona, Arsenio, Sarah M., Jon, Nikolai, Gretchen, Sarah T., Michael, Chris, Mal, Andrew M., Cheryl, Laura, May, and all Mandarin B teachers. Format is up to the individual groups. Just send then through when complete. Thanks!

 3.3-Accreditation Steering Committee meeting in D218 at 2:45pm

MS/US Advisory Discussion of the Day

Hello MS/US Students,


Please continue your discussion on the topic of appropriate language with the following prompt:

Where do you hear inappropriate language the most on our campus? In our community?

Looking forward to your thoughts.


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