Archive | May 17, 2017

White tubs from Library?

The library is missing many of its white tubs that have been sent out to teachers with books and resources. We will be needing them for the library inventory that is just around the corner.

Thanks for taking a look in your classroom for any tubs labelled “Library” or “Resource Room” and sending them back when you have a moment.


EE in Library cancelled today

Grade 11 you need to focus on exams this week. We will get back to business with Extended Essay starting next week. However, there is nothing to stop you going into to the Library and working on your EE or something else during EE time today.

EARCOS and SENIA Teacher Rep Vacancy: 3 days to deadline

Dear Teachers.

Applications are invited for the position of EARCOS and SENIA representative. This is a two year position which enables the holder to attend the EARCOS teacher conference in the spring.

For more information about EARCOS please check the website:

SENIA is the Special Education Network in Asia see details here:

Applications are made by expressing your interest to Lucy Zhan, assistant to the Director by May 19th. Interviews will be held in week 35.

See me for further information.

MS/US Appropriate Language Point of the Day

Hello Again MS/US Students,

Please continue your discussion on the topic of appropriate language with the following prompt:

Is there a difference between cursing in your mother tongue vs. second/third languages? Should there be?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

One more prompt coming tomorrow!

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