Archive | May 19, 2017

Advisory Thanks

Thanks to all Grade 6-11 students and Advisors for discussing appropriate language use this week and for making this a priority in your interactions with others! Here are some timeless words from Lao Tzu to help us continue to keep this in the front of our minds. Thanks again.

MS/US Life 101 Exam Edition Today!

Hello Grade 6-7 Rockstars,
You will have the following sessions during your Life 101 Block two today! These are different from your usual sessions due to exam week:
G7 – Large Music Room – Arts Choices and more with Mr. Bratton & your Arts teachers
G8 – Upstairs Design Center with Ms. Bezzerides for Wellness
G9 – MYP LGR with Mrs. Snyder and mentors for PP prep
G10 – Finalize options for Diploma Upstairs in Cafeteria with Dr. Saavedra
G11 – Lounge – with Gretchen
Thanks and see you soon!

Grade 6: Good News/Bad News

Hello Grade 6 Students,

The good news: You won’t have to get tired walking up the stairs in the cafeteria at break or lunch!

The bad news: Due to a series of unfortunate events, you are not allowed upstairs in the cafeteria for the rest of the school year, starting today.

Please see Mr. Bratton with questions.


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