Clearance Forms and leaving procedures – info from Admissions

Dear All,

As we enter the home straight here are a couple of reminders about the Clearance Forms and Leaving Procedures for our departing students in case you are asked questions or are new to the process.

· Each leaving student in every grade must complete a Clearance Form. The parent needs to complete the whole form for PYP, and for MYP/DP the front page is for parents and the other two sheets for the students to complete. (Non native speaking parents may need some assistance In PYP)
· Forms can be obtained either from Main Reception, Admissions or downloaded off the website.
· Leaving staff children must also complete Clearance Forms and follow the same procedures.
· On the student’s last day – in exchange for their completed form we will hand over the studentship letter in PYP and transcripts in MYP/DP. This is done by the Ladies on Main Reception with support from Admissions.
· Julia Zhang, Financial Controller on the 2nd floor of the Centre opposite the lift is always the last person to sign off on the form. She checks that there is no money owing to school by the student and the family.
· It is important that all MacBooks are handed into IT for them to clear off all school settings and software. Before this is done EVERYTHING must be backed up as it will be wiped clean and they will not be able to retrieve anything. I would encourage all leaving students in Grade 5 and MYP to go and ask IT if they have any questions about this – especially in terms of the best time to get this done.
· The S2 reports will be out on Thursday 15th and not before.
· All leaving families must download and print them off, as once they have left NIS they will no longer have access to Veracross.
· Year Books will be handed out on the last day to all students. If you have missing students or others who have left early please arrange for them to be signed by their classmates as this is much appreciated. Over the holidays we will arrange for them to be forwarded to the address on the Clearance Form. Kindly take them to Samantha or Admissions Office with their name and grade on the outside, as they can get mislaid over the summer break.
· If any student has a special request or needs help, send them either to Admissions or to see Samantha Zhou who will arrange an appointment with Ruth.
· Our Korean leavers often have complicated procedures for the papers needed for their return home. If they need help – please pass them onto Samantha and Ruth.
· The Admissions Office remains open throughout the summer.
· To avoid problems, please remind any students/parents that if they are leaving and want a full refund of the re-enrolment fees they must let us know in Admissions or Finance before Friday 9th June.
· Please continue to pass on any intel about leaving students. This is a very unsettling time for some families who still do not know their future plans.

NB Last Weekly Bulletin will be on Friday 9th so get your entries in by Wednesday 7th June at noon. There is no bulletin on last Friday

Any questions please come and see us in Admissions Office, call Sue on 13809022693 or email us at

Thanks for your help and cooperation – it has been appreciated throughout the year.

Grace, Jane, Monica and Sue
The A Team

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