Archive | June 5, 2017

MYP Library Books

Thanks for bringing your books back!

6A- Oscar, Jonas, Gian, Melissa

6B- Joshua, Sammy, Jessica, Lessan, Yumin, Kiki

7A- Yejin, Lucy, Gianluca, Dustin, Seunghun, Tirso

7B- Yujin, Taehyung, Jinhyung, Camryn

7C- Pierson, Juan, Dahun, Seo Kyung, Kai, Jasmine

8A- Sunny, Minseo, Zach, Yejin, Alina, Evan, So Hyun

8B- Yoonji, Eva, Helen, Woojin, Eric, Emily

9A- Jui-Yu, Angila

9B- Shuyang, Winston

9C- Paul

Classroom Cleaning needs

Dear all,

Please fill yellow form about classroom cleaning request during summer holiday, include laundry need, plant watering, fish feeding.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Wishes,

Amy Yang

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