Archive | June 8, 2017

Decluttering Final Day


Today in the PAC

Everyone welcome to come to the PAC today with unwanted items or to take items for their classrooms. There is a lot to choose from…

Anything that has not been claimed by lunchtime will be removed by Facilities so the PAC can get ready for MS/US assembly tomorrow….. 

MS/US Assembly at 8am Tomorrow!

Hello MS/US Rockstars,

A reminder that we have our final “normal” assembly of the school year tomorrow at 8am in the PAC. That’s 8:00am China Standard Time, on the dot. Not 8:04am or 8:03am or 8:02am or 8:01am 0r 8:00.01am. 8 o’clock in the morning. Please be on time and avoid the walk/creaky stair climb of shame.

See you at or before 8am tomorrow morning,

Mr. Bratton and Dr. Saavedra

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