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Grade 10 Personal Project

To all Grade 10 students starting Thursday September 7th 2017.

Come to the Library from 3:15- 4:15 (every Thursday) if you need any kind of support with your Personal Project!

Mrs. Snyder:)

Accreditation Visit – update

Dear All,

The schedule for the Team Visit is coming together and very shortly I will be contacting all members of staff regarding the time that they will be meeting with the different members of the team. We are expecting 12 visitors; 2 from NEASC, 2 from CIS, 6 from the IB (2 per programme), 2 from NCCT and one Team Secretary. I will send out the names and photos as soon as I have them all.

The visit will begin on Sunday 24th September with some of the committees scheduled to meet that day (details to follow). The IB evaluation will conclude on Wednesday 27th September and the CIS/NEASC/NCCT visit will be finished in school on Thursday 28th September. During the time that the visitors are in school a number of meetings and classroom visits are planned.

I am happy to answer any questions about this process. I will be sharing information regularly from this point onwards but please do get in touch if you have a concern.


Life 101 Today

Grade 8-12 Students go to the following locations for Day 8 Block 2:


Grade 8 Black Box

Grade 9 Drama Classroom

Grade 10 Upstairs Cafeteria

Grade 11 Large Music Room

Grade 12 MYP/LGR

Life 101 Thursday Day 8 Block 2

Hello 8-12 students.  Go to the following locations for Life 101 on Thursday, August 31:

Grade 8 Black Box

Grade 9 Drama Classroom

Grade 10 Upstairs Cafeteria

Grade 11 Large Music Room

Grade 12 MYP/LGR

Cast List ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

The cast list for ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is posted outside the Black Box.

A huge thank you to everyone who auditioned.

We will have a whole cast read-through on Thursday from 3:15 – 5:15 in the Theatre. We will give out scripts and discuss the rehearsal process during this read-through. It is vital that all cast members attend.

Student Council Camp

Dear teachers,

On Friday, September 1, Student Council will have its annual Student Council Camp.
Students are to report to the third floor of the Centre, in the board meeting roomimmediately after checking in with advisors at 8 am.

All MYP/DP Student Council members will be missing Extended Advisory and Block One to attend this camp. Students will be back in classes at 9:40 am, for Block Two.


Grade 12:  Willy, Sarah 

Grade 11:  Hibah, Runzhi, Alicia 

Grade 10:  Angela, Winston, Zhen (Michelle)  

Grade 9:  Paul, Yoonji, Luigi  

Grade 8:  Amy, Yunchae (Chloe) 

Grade 7:  Chi (Summer)

Grade 6:  Victoria  

Thank you very much and have a nice week!
Sarah Nappi and Willy Wang

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