To everyone- please feel free to use library system by your own User Name/ Password

Welcome new teachers (and welcome back, other colleagues!): Here’s a simple path to use our library system- ┬áplease get on “”, then click “Nanjing International School”, then click “Catalog”, now you can search for our books’ information by entering title, author, keyword, etc., if you want to see what books that you have and when you checked them out, please click ‘log in’, then put in your staff card number (if you don’t have card with you, you may get the number on Veracious) in both ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ fields, then change password as you like (please don’t change user name), and make sure you remember new password correctly. If you forget it or have any other problems, please come to the library see library staff, we’ll be glad to help you:)

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