about FA PIAO issuers’ requirement in China

Dear all,NIS license-1sp9gzr

When you request a FA PIAO for reimbursement objective in China, the FA PIAO issuer could ask for some information as follows:

公司名称:南京国际学校                               (Company Name: Nanjing International School)

统一社会信用代码 ( Tax Number:):52320100YA1210249X

公司账号 (Company Bank Account):31060188000016344

开户行:江苏银行南京北京西路支行            (Bank Name: Bank of Jiangsu Beijing XiLu Branch)

地址:南京市栖霞区仙林大学城学衡路8号   (Address: Xue Heng Lu 8, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China)

电话/传真 (Tel/Fax):025-85899111


Attached NIS license with our school tax number and stamp could be needed as well.


Please keep the above info, just in case you could request a FA PIAO  in China, for your school business trip, such as PD, workshop, conference and so on.





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