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PS Lunch

As per The First Six Weeks:

  1. G1 go to lunch about 10 minutes early (Heidi, Angie and Sonya please take them to the cafeteria and stay to help).
  2. G2 go to lunch 5 minutes early.
  3. G3-5 go to lunch on time.

All teachers and TAs, please bring your classes to the cafeteria and stay for five minutes to support, remind and redirect.

Also, consider assigning lunch buddies for the first couple of weeks to ensure no lost souls are wandering with no place to sit.

Xie Xie

TEDxYouth@NIS is looking for team members

TEDxYouth@NIS is an event organized under license from, where teachers, students, and our community members give a TEDTalk (check out last year’s speakers here!). It’s on the calendar for March 3rd, 2018 — but the work begins now.

If you’d like to be a part of the organizing committee, or want to find out what the work involves, come chat with Mr Mello or Ms Ryan — or email us at

about home property insurance and non-motor vehicle 3rd party liability insurance

Please ignore this message,  if you are not interested for the insurance.

As per some staff requirement, our insurance company got us the quotation for both home property insurance and non-motor vehicle 3rd party liability insurance as attached.

Following is the procedure if you would like to take any of the two insurance:

  1. Print and sign the attached “Acknowledgement Statement”;
  2. Fill in a request form (white form) with the description of the insurance item, insured person name or house address, and the amount as attached quotation, which would be deducted from your salary;
  3. Attach the insured person passport copy if you would like to take non-motor vehicle  3rd party liability insurance;
  4. Please submit the request forms to our Director Laurie for approval of the salary deduction, before Tue, 15 Aug 2017. Then Lucy would pass it to Julia of Accounts Office. The payment date could be Thu, 17 Aug 2017.
  5. The insurance would start on the insurance policy issuing date of the insurance company.


If you have requested home property insurance before, please print and sign the attached “Acknowledgement Statement” and pass it to Julia as well.


Please read the below attachment and info carefully if needed:

Acknowledgement Statement

Non-motor vehicle third party liability insurance provisions

Home Property Insurance Provisions

Quotation of non-motor vehicle third party liability

Quotation of home property insurance


Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Julia Zhang.


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