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Choir Meeting – Friday Lunch

Dear Choir Members,

We will be having a 10 minute, delicious choir meeting in which we will reflect upon last year’s performances and discuss this year’s upcoming repertoire. Please come promptly at the start of lunch… or suffer the crumb-sequences.

Miss Keus


Student Council elections

Dear advisors and students,

We hope that you had an amazing summer.

The Student Council have already started to think of all the fun activities we will organize for you!

It is important for us to hear your voice!

Next week each advisory should elect one advisory liaison.
Starting September, the advisory liaison will be receiving a few survey questions weekly to ask their advisory and will report the result back to us. 

Please find time each week for a 3 minute-Student Council announcement or survey.

If you want to be a Student Council member, tell your friends in your Grade. The Student Council Member Elections will take place in 2 weeks.

Willy Wang and Sarah Nappi
Presidents of the Student Council 

Primary School Assembly

8:10 start. Come early to join in the singing! Program: singing, more singing, photos of new students and staff, 10-year certificates, school spirit cheers!

IT Information – New Students

Good Morning!

If you have forgotten how to log in to your email, the wifi network or other similar systems, please have a look at the PDF here -> For new students tomorrow-22fvj4g

This has step-by-step instructions on how to connect to your account and email here at Nanjing International School. Still having trouble? Then stop by the Macquarium for hands-on help.

All the best,

Your NIS IT Department

Learning Artifacts

Hi All,

We are removing some learning artifacts from D226. If these are yours, or if you are thinking of starting a learning materials museum, please drop by and remove from D226 by Monday at 8am. Thanks!

Reminder: hot weather lunch break G1-5

This means:

  1. After eating lunch, ALL G1-5 students go outside (13:10 Thursday) for 20 minutes of play.
  2. After 20 minutes (13:30) the duty teachers will send all the students into their classrooms for an indoor break.
  3. Duty teachers go inside to their designated indoor recess spots.
  4. The library will be closed at lunch.
  5. The Green Gym is open to G3-5 only.

Homeroom teachers, please support the students by explaining the expectations to your students.

All teachers: use reinforcing and reminding language to redirect students.

And, of course, if it is raining, it will be an indoor break for G1-5.

Courses, holes, and mistakes

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot.

You are a Middle or Upper School student…

You have an issue with your schedule…

What do you do… What do you do…


A. Totally freak out!

B. Stop by Mr. Bratton’s or Dr. Saavedra’s office and/or send them a polite email.


Tough call… You be the judge.

See you soon!

House Captains

If you are enthusiastic, passionate and willing to lead your house in the house competition this year please contact your house leaders.  We need at least 1 girl and 1 boy from G6-8 and 1 boy and 1 girl from G9-12 for each house.  Your role would be to organise teams, attend house competitions and cheer on your house.

Taiping – Mr Marsh/Mr Newman

Wutaishan – Mr Chesterman/Mr Dutton

Xuanwu – Mr Battye/Mr Hornell

ACAMIS touch rugby sign ups are now open on Veracross

We will be competing in Suzhou this year for the ACAMIS touch tournament on the 17th and 18th of November.  There is also an opportunity for players to enter in the Shanghai International Touch Tournament on October 21st.  If you are interested in trialling for the teams make sure you sign up on Veracross.

CISSA touch rugby for G5, 6, 7 and 8

Touch Rugby season is back.  If you are keen to learn, play and/or have fun in CISSA Juniors (G5 and 6) or the CISSA Seniors (G7 and 8) then make sure you sign up on Veracross and come along to training Mondays and Wednesdays 3.10pm to 4.15pm starting week 2 (next week).  The tournament will be held in Shanghai on the 23rd of September.

Middle and Upper School Welcome (Back) and Assembly

Hello Middle and Upper School Superstars!

Welcome to our 41 amazing new-to-NIS students in Grades 6-11 and welcome back to our returning MS/US rockstars.

A heads-up that we will have our Welcome Assembly tomorrow (Friday) at 2:30pm in the PAC. We will plan to start promptly, so please urge your Day 2, Block 5 teacher to help you be on-time to avoid the dreaded walk of shame.

See you there!

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