Archive | August 17, 2017

Grade 12 Retreat

DP teachers and Grade 12 students:  This is just to let you know that grade 12 students will not be in classes on Friday, August 25, 2017, however, they will be on campus.  Students stay tuned, more info to come…

After School Activities

We have closed the Teacher Surveys for collecting ASA offerings for this semester. If you are planning to run an activity in cycle 1 or 2 in semester one and have not informed us about this activity please send me the details by the end of school tomorrow. We need to finalise schedule and publicise to parents and students next week..

Discover China Grade 12 – student feedback wanted

Dear seniors,

We are in the last stages of preparing the itinerary for your Discover China trip in May. We would like some feedback from you before we make final arrangements. Please stop by room D204 (Mr Mello’s Biology lab) and write your comments on the wheeled whiteboard. There are two potential itineraries shown.

These will stay up until next Wednesday, August 23rd.

Looking forward to your input!

Mr. Mello and the DC12 team.

Seesaw – PD Today

This is a friendly reminder:

PD for Seesaw will be offered in identical sessions today and Thurs, Aug 24.

3:15-3:45 New teachers (Intro to Seesaw) and MYP teacher (optional)
3:45-4:15 All PYP staff welcome (What’s New?!) – Send at least one person from your teaching team