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H.W. Club…

Is back on this week!

Come down to the LSS area (C142) from 3:15-4:15 Monday and/or Wednesday if you need help with homework, studying, projects, organization, or anything else that may be confusing you! There are always multiple teachers there to assist you.

All 6-12th grade teachers and students are welcome anytime!

G1-5 ASA Signups

G1-5 students and parents will be able to signup for ASAs using the G1-5 ASA Signup link on Veracross.

Monday 1.00 pm – Signups open – G1-5 Students can Signup for one activity.

Tuesday 1.00 pm – G3-5 Students can sign up for a second activity

Wednesday 1.00 pm – Signups close

G6-12 Clubs and Performing Arts, and Service Activities – Signups

G6-12 sudents can sign up for Activities by using the following links on Veracross.

  1. G6-12 Clubs and Performing Arts Signup link

2. G6-12 Service Activities Signup link (Local School Tutoring Group and Trashbusters are under the link)

Students will be able to Signup as follows

1.00pm Monday – students can sign up for one activity

1.00pm Tuesday – students can sign up for a second activity

1.00 pm Wednesday – students can Signup for a third activity







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