Student Council Camp

Dear teachers,

On Friday, September 1, Student Council will have its annual Student Council Camp.
Students are to report to the third floor of the Centre, in the board meeting roomimmediately after checking in with advisors at 8 am.

All MYP/DP Student Council members will be missing Extended Advisory and Block One to attend this camp. Students will be back in classes at 9:40 am, for Block Two.


Grade 12:  Willy, Sarah 

Grade 11:  Hibah, Runzhi, Alicia 

Grade 10:  Angela, Winston, Zhen (Michelle)  

Grade 9:  Paul, Yoonji, Luigi  

Grade 8:  Amy, Yunchae (Chloe) 

Grade 7:  Chi (Summer)

Grade 6:  Victoria  

Thank you very much and have a nice week!
Sarah Nappi and Willy Wang

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