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Courses, holes, and mistakes

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot.

You are a Middle or Upper School student…

You have an issue with your schedule…

What do you do… What do you do…


A. Totally freak out!

B. Stop by Mr. Bratton’s or Dr. Saavedra’s office and/or send them a polite email.


Tough call… You be the judge.

See you soon!

House Captains

If you are enthusiastic, passionate and willing to lead your house in the house competition this year please contact your house leaders.  We need at least 1 girl and 1 boy from G6-8 and 1 boy and 1 girl from G9-12 for each house.  Your role would be to organise teams, attend house competitions and cheer on your house.

Taiping – Mr Marsh/Mr Newman

Wutaishan – Mr Chesterman/Mr Dutton

Xuanwu – Mr Battye/Mr Hornell

ACAMIS touch rugby sign ups are now open on Veracross

We will be competing in Suzhou this year for the ACAMIS touch tournament on the 17th and 18th of November.  There is also an opportunity for players to enter in the Shanghai International Touch Tournament on October 21st.  If you are interested in trialling for the teams make sure you sign up on Veracross.

CISSA touch rugby for G5, 6, 7 and 8

Touch Rugby season is back.  If you are keen to learn, play and/or have fun in CISSA Juniors (G5 and 6) or the CISSA Seniors (G7 and 8) then make sure you sign up on Veracross and come along to training Mondays and Wednesdays 3.10pm to 4.15pm starting week 2 (next week).  The tournament will be held in Shanghai on the 23rd of September.

Middle and Upper School Welcome (Back) and Assembly

Hello Middle and Upper School Superstars!

Welcome to our 41 amazing new-to-NIS students in Grades 6-11 and welcome back to our returning MS/US rockstars.

A heads-up that we will have our Welcome Assembly tomorrow (Friday) at 2:30pm in the PAC. We will plan to start promptly, so please urge your Day 2, Block 5 teacher to help you be on-time to avoid the dreaded walk of shame.

See you there!

PS Lunch

As per The First Six Weeks:

  1. G1 go to lunch about 10 minutes early (Heidi, Angie and Sonya please take them to the cafeteria and stay to help).
  2. G2 go to lunch 5 minutes early.
  3. G3-5 go to lunch on time.

All teachers and TAs, please bring your classes to the cafeteria and stay for five minutes to support, remind and redirect.

Also, consider assigning lunch buddies for the first couple of weeks to ensure no lost souls are wandering with no place to sit.

Xie Xie

TEDxYouth@NIS is looking for team members

TEDxYouth@NIS is an event organized under license from, where teachers, students, and our community members give a TEDTalk (check out last year’s speakers here!). It’s on the calendar for March 3rd, 2018 — but the work begins now.

If you’d like to be a part of the organizing committee, or want to find out what the work involves, come chat with Mr Mello or Ms Ryan — or email us at

about home property insurance and non-motor vehicle 3rd party liability insurance

Please ignore this message,  if you are not interested for the insurance.

As per some staff requirement, our insurance company got us the quotation for both home property insurance and non-motor vehicle 3rd party liability insurance as attached.

Following is the procedure if you would like to take any of the two insurance:

  1. Print and sign the attached “Acknowledgement Statement”;
  2. Fill in a request form (white form) with the description of the insurance item, insured person name or house address, and the amount as attached quotation, which would be deducted from your salary;
  3. Attach the insured person passport copy if you would like to take non-motor vehicle  3rd party liability insurance;
  4. Please submit the request forms to our Director Laurie for approval of the salary deduction, before Tue, 15 Aug 2017. Then Lucy would pass it to Julia of Accounts Office. The payment date could be Thu, 17 Aug 2017.
  5. The insurance would start on the insurance policy issuing date of the insurance company.


If you have requested home property insurance before, please print and sign the attached “Acknowledgement Statement” and pass it to Julia as well.


Please read the below attachment and info carefully if needed:

Acknowledgement Statement

Non-motor vehicle third party liability insurance provisions

Home Property Insurance Provisions

Quotation of non-motor vehicle third party liability

Quotation of home property insurance


Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Julia Zhang.


Hot weather G1-5 lunch breaks Thursday and Friday

I am making an early call. I anticipate that the students will not want to be outside for 45 minutes at lunch break. Therefore, I am calling Hot Weather lunch breaks. This means:

  1. After eating lunch, ALL G1-5 students go outside (13:10 Thursday, 13:20 Friday) for 20 minutes of play.
  2. After 20 minutes (13:30 Th and 13:40 Fr) the duty teachers will send all the students into their classrooms for an indoor break.
  3. Duty teachers go inside to their designated indoor recess spots.
  4. The library will be closed at lunch.
  5. The Green Gym is open to G3-5 only.

Homeroom teachers, please support the students by explaining the expectations to your students.

All teachers: use reinforcing and reminding language to redirect students.

And, of course, if it is raining, it will be an indoor break for G1-5.

Calendar 2017/18

Dear all,

Pls find the 2017/18 calendars in your pigeon holes.

If you received already, pls return to my pigeon hole, because one calendar keeps you cool in hot Nanjing.

Enjoy the new school year!


NIS is an environmentally-conscious community

NIS is an environmentally conscious campus and community. Sustainability is part of our mission and strategy. Environmental action falls under both strategic goals-Student Voice and Choice and Burst the Bubble. As such, we have the responsibility to model and teach sustainable use of resources to our students. This means not wasting what we don’t really need.

What can you do?

  • Use the NIS paper-saving system in your room-have students take responsibility. Orange box: paper used on one side to be reused. Blue box: paper used on both sides to be recycled-empty in large coloured bins in corridors. Green box by printers: used paper in excellent condition for printing (if you have lots of printable used paper, please distribute it among the printers).
  • Reduce printing to essential printing only; find alternatives. Teach students to check settings before printing.
  • Print on used paper-teach your students to do the same.
  • Avoid laminating
  • Shut doors, especially outside ones, when AC and heating are on.
  • Turn off classroom lights and Smartboards when not in use.
  • Encourage a reduction of food waste.
  • Encourage wrapper-free  snacks-teach students to be responsible for their litter.
  • Encourage students to bring reusable water bottles.
  • Discourage students from using disposable cutlery in Cafeteria.
  • Return cutlery to Cafeteria (did you know that about 100RMB-worth of cutlery goes missing every day?!)
  • Borrow plates, cups etc.-don’t buy disposable ones. Many classes in PYP have boxes of these items.

See the NIS Sustainable Events guidelines for more information.


Primary School Deli Marché reminder

As you plan your first days of school, I would like to remind you of two things:

  1. This school year the DeliMarché will be closed to PS students during the day. Fruit snacks and veggie cups will be available for purchase at the salad bar.
  2. The DeliMarché is open to PS students at 3:00 (2:30 Tuesdays). Therefore, PS students may not purchase snacks at the DeliMarché during the school day.

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