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Good morning!

We are looking forward to welcoming Cheri Carpenter to NIS for our two days of INSET, who will lead us through applying MAP reports to inform instruction.

Please note – lunch is provided on both INSET days.

Have a happy, safe, and restful mid-Autumn Festival break!

Your SET

INSET Schedule Oct 9-10-t56cwp

9-12 House Volleyball Results

Thanks so much to Mr Clarke and Mr Dutton for officiating.

Xuanwu 17* defeated Wutaishan 11
Wutaishan 17 defeated Taiping 15
Xuanwu 17* defeated Taiping 14

Xuanwu 17 defeated Wutaishan 12
Wutaishan 17 defeated Taiping 14
Xuanwu 17 defeated Taiping

1st Place: Xuanwu*
2nd Place: Wutaishan
3rd Place: Taiping

Grade 6/7 XFest?

Hello Grade 6/7 Students,

Not sure what or when XFest1 is? Not sure what your role will be? Ask you Advisor this morning!


Discover China Trip Meetings Tomorrow!

Hello Grade 6-11 Students,

Tomorrow morning we will have our Discover China pre-trip meetings with you and your parents during Extended Advisory. Please report to your Advisory before 8am for attendance and to drop off your bags, then head directly to the location below based on the trip LISTED IN YOUR VERACROSS. Thanks and see you then!

 G6/7 Yellow Mt D220 Paul Underwood

 G6/7 Taishan Blackbox Theatre Sam Brown

 G6/7 Hangzhou MYP LGR Dan Snyder

G8/9 Beijing D240 Andrew Messom

G8/9 Shaolin D242 Micheal Chesterman

G8/9 Moganshan Upstairs Cafeteria Kasson Bratton

 G10/11Yangshou Blue Gym Andrei Tyoschin

 G10/11Guizhou D246 Chris Galaty

 G10/11Xiamen Design Centre Francis Morin

G12: Please report to the DP Lounge after advisory attendance



EE support cancelled today

There’s no official EE support session in the library, this afternoon.

Question of the day: Do you need a teacher standing over your shoulder in order to get it done?

No! You can do it!

INSET sessions – last day to sign up!

Remember to sign up on Veracross for INSET sessions (Tuesday afternoon, from 2:15-3:15).

Most sessions still have space!

What Who Where
 Mindfulness Gretchen PS LGR
 Yoga Myroslava Dance Studio
 Chinese Language class Lynn & Eva C120
 Korean Language class Grace Kang C109
 Japanese/Korean Drumming (TBC) Amy M251
 African Drumming Caleva M252
 Ukulele for Beginners Kasson M250
 Volleyball/Badminton Danny Blue Gym
 Korean Cooking Grace Kim PS LGR
 Tai Chi External master Field
 10K run Olivia Centre Foyer
 Graphic Design-Reduce Cognitive Overload Tom C115
 BYO Needlework Lindy C140
 Paper 53 (iPad app) Sonya C136

CMB Notice

CMB will CLOSE on October 2, 3, 5, 7 & 8, 2017.

Any application for foreign currency exchange and telegraphic transfer will NOT be processed at CMB during National Day holidays from October 1 to 8, 2017.

Grace Song

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