G6-9 Advisories meet in G10-12 Advisories TOMORROW

Hello 6-9 Advisories,

Tomorrow you will join the 10-12 Advisories below while your Advisors dedicate their time to building skills to support our learning community. #Allforthekids

You need to report directly to these rooms TOMORROW morning by 8:00am.

Advisory Combinations
Snyder/Baker to M. Snyder (D215)

6-9 Advisors: Please send your Advisory rosters to your designated 10-12 Advisor.


10-12 Advisors: Please email visitors’ attendance to the nurse on the day. Thanks!

Joyce/Marsh to Kay (Upstairs Cafeteria)
Lee/Underwood Moen (D213)
Merrylees/Law to Galaty (D246)
Dutton/Song to Morin (DC)
Chesterman/Droulez to Coad (D243)
Chen/Yang to Lietz (D206)
Fischl/Orteza to Creme (D346)
Hernandez Newman (D203)
Wang Hornell (D228)


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