General reminder about School Purchase, Official Receipts and FA PIAO

All school purchase should go through our Purchasing Department. Please don’t place order directly.

As per our school policy 3.6012, Purchases must be processed through the purchasing office with the exception of authorised purchases made through advances.


Please glue your official receipts at the back of the request form evenly. Neither staple nor clip please.


Just in case, below is the school info for FA PIAO issuer’s information again:

公司名称:南京国际学校                               (Company Name: Nanjing International School)

统一社会信用代码 ( Tax Number:):          52320100YA1210249X

公司账号 (Company Bank Account):        31060188000016344

开户行:江苏银行南京北京西路支行            (Bank Name: Bank of Jiangsu Beijing XiLu Branch)

地址:南京市栖霞区仙林大学城学衡路8号   (Address: Xue Heng Lu 8, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China)

电话/传真 (Tel/Fax):                                         025-85899111

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