Primary Laptop Carts

Greetings PYPeople!

I wanted to let you know of a slight change to the image on the laptops in the three, Primary School carts. In order to make things more efficient and simple for students (and teachers) to access and save class files, we have created “Class Profiles” for you to log into. Have a look at the 5-slide, step-by-step instructions link or below to see what that will look like (you will need to be logged into your Office 365 account to view):

What do you have to do? Almost nothing! We will make the changes over the INSET days after the October break. The only two things we ask are:

  1. Make sure to save things to the PYP server via the shortcut in your profile so that we can guarantee that the evidence of your students’ learning is backed up
  2. Send us an email for any (free or subscribed) software that is imperative to have on the laptops

We will make another call for software requests in December when we do a review of the image.

Thank you,

The IT Team

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