Passport Collection for Discover China Week – Monday Oct 16th

We will collect passports / ID documents for Discover China Week trips on Monday Oct 16th. Please give your passport to the teacher listed for your trip. Please do not give your passport to any other person. If you are going to Westlake MUN, ACAMIS Volleyball, CISSA Cross Country or other event on the weekend before DC Week do not hand your passport in. Bring it for Trip Week on Monday Oct 23rd.

G6/7 Trips
Hangzhou – Mr Synder – D212
Yellow Mt – Mr Underwood – D220
Mt Tai – Mr Brown – Blackbox

G8/9 Trips
Beijing – Mr Messom – D240
Shaolin Temple – Mr Hutchison and Ms Elaine Liu – Activities Office
Moganshan – Mr Bratton – His Office

G10/11 Trips
Guizhou – Dr. Saavedra – His Office
Xiamen – Dr. Saavedra – His Office
Yangshuo – Mr Hutchison and Ms Elaine Liu – Activities Office

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