Interhouse Music Competition

The practical / playing portion of this year’s interhouse music competition will take place during semester 1. It will take place on Sunday November 26th at Royal Family Gardens and will be performed in front of a live, community audience (family, friends, and strangers!)

This year’s rubric has been updated to include an orchestration strand. The descriptors for 1 – 4 refer to straight transcriptions, which mean you perform the music exactly as written (skillful, but not creative). The descriptors for 5 – 8 refer to arrangements, which mean you add an intro, maybe a solo, maybe you do a key change, you play it in a different genre / style, etc.

Please see your interhouse team captain, teacher, or Miss Keus if you are interested in performing. Because this is an off-campus event, we will need to register each performer for our safety protocols.

More details to follow.

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