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Interhouse Music Competition

The interhouse music competition will be held on Sunday, November 26th at Royal Family Garden in Xianlin. It’s exciting, because each house will be performing in front of community members – friends, families, and even strangers! Talk about an authentic musical experience! The chosen song is, “Jingle Bells.” This is quite a challenge because it’s a well-known song and so the audience will have its own versions that it likes, and yet each house will need to come up with its own personal interpretation. Remember, this year you will also be judged on how original your orchestration is. You can achieve up to band 3/4 for a straight transcription, but to achieve the 7/8 band, you’ll need an original arrangement!

If you are interested, please let your team teacher and Miss Keus know, because we’ll need to add you to the student list for the NIS safety protocols.

Good luck!

CAS – Outcomes G10-12 Students

The comments in today’s bulletin about Outcomes for G6-9 Service Activities also apply to G10-12 Creativity, Activity and Service. It is important that you identify the Outcome you will gain/ did gain from each of your activities.

Think CAS, Think Outcomes!

NIS 加油,CAS 加油


A few things about Service Activities for G6-9

Doing Service is a great thing. The fact that so many NIS students want to do Service is also a great thing. Here are a few notes that will make a great thing even greater.

– we now use the term ‘Service Learning’ or simply ‘Service’. No more saying Community and Service, that is so old fashion!

– even more old fashion is saying ‘Points’, we don’t use the term points any more we now think about ‘Outcomes’.

– There are seven Service Learning Outcomes. Your Advisory teacher has mentioned them, hasn’t she/he? Ask to see them again!

– Before you do a Service Activity think of which Outcome you will be able to achieve by doing it. This also applies when you sign up to help run a School activity e.g. Pfrang Day, Sports Event, Spring Fun Day etc.

Giving a Service by helping is important but being clear about which Outcome you will achieve is equally or even more important.

Think Service, Think Outcomes!

NIS 加油, Service 加油!

MAP session for parents: Thursday at 8:15

Dear Colleagues,

Individual MAP results and letter will be sent home through Homerooms and Advisories on Tuesday morning.  This will be followed by a MAP informational session for parents on Thursday at 8:15am in the MS/US LGR.  This information was communicated in the Friday News Bulletin.

Attached you will find a copy of the letter that parents will receive  (also translated into Chinese and Korean for parents).   On the second page of the attachment, you will find a FAQ about MAP.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to see me or a member of SET.

Letter & FAQ re MAP results (teachers)-191u5sl

Thank you,


MS/US Office Hours and HW Club Today!

Inspired by your conferences last week?

Want to get a jump on exam planning?

Have a question about a mark?

Need to make up an assignment?

Have a project underway?

Require some EE or PP support?

Take advantage of Office Hours and/or Homework club (in LSS) Today! Your teachers are awaiting your arrival! 

MS/US Assembly Seating Map

Hello MS/US Assembly-Goers,

Check out this cool new assembly seating map to figure out which row your Advisory will sit in for all Friday assemblies for the remainder of the school year. Each Advisory now has an assigned row for your convenience in which you MUST sit. Here you will sit in comfort, with your loving advisory-mates on either side of you and happily embedded within your House communities, as you enjoy the good times which are our MS/US assemblies.

Check the map and memorize your row so you’ll be ready for Friday am.

Life 101 Day 8 Tuesday, Nov 7

Hello grades 8-12.  Tomorrow we will have Life 101.  Please note a couple of location changes:

Grades 8 and 9 Black Box

Grade 10 Upstairs Cafeteria

Grade 11 Green Gym (with comfortable clothes and shoes)

Grade 12 MYP/LGR (Ms Anna will be taking some photos – wash your face and brush your hair!)


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