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Local School Swim Meet@NIS Sat Nov 18th Helpers Wanted

Last chance to signup to help this Burst the Bubble Swim Meet. 你还没有做好你的社会服务吗? 马上登机做这个社会服务活动吧! Go to the Service and CAS Signup link on Veracross.  Below are possible Service Learning Outcomes:

a. become more aware of own strengths and areas for growth
b. undertake challenges that develop new skills

c. work collaboratively with others

d. develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding (if you engage with the local students and families)

e. Persevere in Action (You can choose this Outcome if you have helped at one other Swim Meet this year)

XBlock Locations Today and Beyond…

Hello Grade 6/7  XBlockers,

Please check in with your Advisors about your working location for your current XBlock adventure. Please be sure the location is correct in the all-important spreadsheet. Your Advisors have access and are ready to help. Once confirmed, this is the space to report to every XBlock that is not Advisory, Life 101, or a Super Session (stay tuned for these!).

Also, for today… All Grade 6 students are working with ZZK in the MS/US LGR during Block Three. Grade 7 students should report to their work space (see above) or to Life 101 with Ms. Bezzerides. Thanks and X-on!

Z.Z.K. Day Two

Hello Again Poets,

Grades 8 (Blocks 1 & 2), 6 (Blocks 3 & 4), and 11 (Block 5 TOK) will have the pleasure of working with ZZK today! All sessions are in the MS/US LGR.

Didgeri-do yourself a favor and bring along a pen, some paper, and an open mind!

ZZK Line of the Day

“Inside us, is a heart…

Inside us is where change starts.”


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