Archive | November 16, 2017

Grade 6 and 7 Extended Advisory Tomorrow

Hello Grade 6 and 7 Rockstars,

Please check in with your advisor tomorrow morning for attendance, then head to the MS/US LGR. You will working on Service outcomes and reflections with Mr. Hutchison, Ms. Bezzerides, and Mr. Bratton. PLEASE BRING YOUR CHARGED LAPTOP!

See you then!

ZZK: The Finale

Hello Again Poets,

Grade 7 (Blocks 1 & 2), 9 (Block 3 and 1/2 of Block 4), and our Speech and Debate team (Lunch) will get the privilege of session with Zohab today in the MS/US LGR. If you see Zohab around today, make sure to say “peace out!”

Please remember to bring paper, pen, and your courage as a writer!

Zohab Line of the Day

I write not to fight, but to bring light to darkness,

I write not to fight, but to bring sight to blindness.

I write to inspire internal fire,

For those who desire to fly higher.

For my feet where not designed for the ground,

You see, I’d rather walk on the clouds!


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