Archive | November 17, 2017

Mac OS High Sierra – STOP!!!

Good Morning,

If you are thinking of trying to upgrade to the latest Apple Operating System – High Sierra – stop. Like Sierra before this, we are currently still running tests of this OS on various types of Macs to find the bugs in the system. If you have already done so, keep in mind that the NIS IT Department can not guarantee its stability, and any issues that arise will mean that we will have to re-image your computer (which means wiping the file system and installing the previous version of Sierra OS). There have already been 3 instances of students losing files because of a bug during the installation process. Remember to always back up your files to the cloud or an external memory device (like USB/Thumb Drive or HardDrive).

Thank you,

The NIS IT Department

Recycling used glass bottles/jars for an x-block project

Dear NIS community,
For my X-block project I’m researching how to make scented and different themed candles I was wondering if instead of buying new jars to recycle and ask this amazing community if anyone is willing to recycle their glass bottles/jars.

The bottles/jars can be different sizes (preferably not taller than 20 cm and not to wide, different shapes and colors)

There will be a box in front of the library beginning week 15. Please you can drop off your bottles/jars there.

I will finish collecting the jars on Friday the 24 at 4: 15.
Thank you,
Sara Paruta

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