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Student Council Surveys

Good morning,

The Student Council strives to connect you, the administration, Chartwells and the PTA. We are YOUR voice so let us know what you want by responding to 2 surveys.


A lunch survey is online. Please respond today if you can. The results will be shared at the Lunch Club meeting on Thursday23.

Questions about X-Block and Life 101 will be asked by your advisory liaison this week. If s/he is absent, tell your advisor who will email your opinions and suggestions to Paul M. (Grades 6-9) or Hibah (Grades 10-12)

Please don’t hesitate to make suggestions and tell us what you need or want to change.

The Student Council

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Tickets out now!!!

You’ve read the book…you’ve seen the movie…now SEE THE PLAY!

This year’s Middle and Upper School production of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ will performed 30th November and 1st November.

Get your tickets from the Centre Foyer before and after school or anytime from the school cashier. 20RMB – all proceeds go to Amy Yang Fund!

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