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PS LGR Booking

Dear all,

From this week, if you need to book the PS Large Group Room, please check the PS LGR Timetable hung on the outside wall of the LGR first, and then mark the time you need on it. If you need to make some set-up to the room, you can fill in a yellow form and submit it as usual.



Zoe Tang

Pre-exam de-stressing activities

Students in Grades 7-11!

Today you will be able to browse the different pre-exam activities on Veracross.  Sign-ups begin on Tuesday.

When choosing your activities, sign up for activities that match your exam schedule.  Check for your Grade level indicated in the activity title.   Any questions – please ask.

These activities, in additional to your well-planned review schedule, will help energise your bodies and your minds and prepare you for a successful and calm test experience!

Mrs Tyoschin


Help for G12 Student Psychology Internal Assessment

Dear All please consider helping Anabelle in G12  by watching the short video and completing a short survey (5 questions)

I’m conducting an experiment online for my Psychology Internal Assessment. If you are willing to participate and have time please take a few minute to:
→watch the video linked in the survey description ONCE;
→answer the remaining question base on your memory of it, there is no correct answer.

Thank you so much, here is the link:


Best regards,
Annabelle Wang

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