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Dental hygienist at Global Doctors near Skyways

Dear All,

Another welcome addition to the local scene – you can get a clean and a polish on those “knashers” at our local Global Doctors.

Dr Nina used to work at Union Dental – she is a local Nanjinger with very good English.

A half hour clean is RMB450 with a RMB350 charge for the initial consultation.

Nina is friendly and knows what she is doing . The facilities are brand new with modern  equipment.

She is also a proper dentist – but cannot vouch for that – luckily for me!

Highly recommended


Christmas Lunch at Intercon Hotel on Monday 25th Dec at 12.15

For those of you staying in Nanjing – once again NIC is hosting this very successful Christmas Lunch party. NIC Members 300 RMB and half price for 7-12.

If you have visitors it is RMB450 and half price for 7-12’s.

Free for 6 and under.

The food is fantastic – ask anyone who has been before. Location perfect if it is a clear day….

It is a great way to spend Christmas away from home.

See details of registration on poster below.

Have fun



Friday’s “Office Party” Gift Exchange

FYI to all who signed up – here are the rules!

You bring a gift worth between 50 and 80RMB. You may write a clue on your gift if you like…Place your gift by the tree any time on Friday AND then write your name on a slip and put it in the box beside the tree.   At 4:15 we draw one name from the box. (person ONE) Person ONE selects a gift from the tree and opens it in front of everyone. We draw the next name out of the box. Person TWO can “steal” person ONE’s opened gift and person ONE has to select again from the tree… OR person TWO can select a gift from the tree and open it. We draw person THREE’s name. Person THREE can “steal”  person ONE’s gift or person TWO’s gift and that person chooses again from the tree…. OR person THREE can choose a gift from under the tree.

If someone takes your gift, you can’t take someone else’s, you need to choose from the tree! And so on until all names are called and then person ONE gets the last go – person ONE can take a gift from ANYONE – if they choose to. That person chooses from under the tree and the game is over!

Pre-exam activities

Good morning, Students in G7-11

Please see the updated pre-exam activities below. You will be able to see the activity/activities that you signed up for in Veracross.  If an activity that you signed up for was cancelled due to low numbers, you will receive an email today.

If you did not sign up for an activity, you must go to your Block 1 lesson for quiet study.

Thank you to teachers who have offered to lead these pre-exam activities!  You can find the names of students who have signed up in your Veracross portal.  On the Home page, under “My Classes” click on “Future”.


Exam Conditions Reminder

Hello Again NIS Exam-Takers,

A reminder of exam room expectations below:

  1. Please use the restroom and get (a little!) water before the exam begins.
  2. No Technology will be permitted during the exam, except tech your teacher requires. Each room will have a basket to keep your phones and smart watches. Please remember to silence/turn off!
  3. Only actual pens/pencil (and maybe a calculator [that is not your phone!]) will be allowed on your desk. Pencil cases need to remain off your desks and out of your hands.
  4. Please remember to stay out of classrooms/learning spaces before school, after school, during break, and throughout lunch, unless a teacher is in the room. This is not a new expectation, but is worth repeating! No excuses.
  5. Maintain the highest levels of academic honesty. Be principled… or you’ll be spending time with the principal!

Have a great week showcasing your thinking, skills, knowledge, and understanding! 

Week of Failing Forwards

We are excited to announce an opportunity for teachers to lead workshops, with a mixed age range, during our first ‘Week of Failing Forwards.’ This is part of our present project, Creating a Culture of Trial and Error.

The aim of the week is for students (and teachers):
· to take risks and develop a have-a-go attitude
· to learn from failure
· to build emotional resilience
· to develop coping mechanisms in the face of failure
· to learn how to support others who are experiencing failure
· to reduce stress and improve mental health

The workshops will take place on Monday 22nd January (Day 7) from 10:40-11:45 and on Thursday 25th January (Day 1) from 10:40-11:45.

Grades 2 to 10 will sign up for a workshop to learn something they have never tried before. Teachers who are not leading workshops will participate in one of their choice.

If you have a hidden, or not so hidden, skill and would be willing to teach others, please send us an email THIS WEEK. Think music, art, athletics, poetry, juggling, drama, singing, maths, pottery, a language, uni-cycling…anything you could teach to others in 2 one-hour workshops. If you know of students who have skills to share, send us their names too.

The counselors and organising team will support advisors, homeroom teachers and class teachers with material for discussion before and during the week. The counselors will also present to parents during the Three Way Conferences on the Wednesday of that week. Furthermore, we are collecting personal stories of failure and the lessons learned, for sharing with students, so do consider sharing yours with us-email Jacqui Patrick.

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