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Become Courageous – Week 18

How might we create opportunities for the NIS community to be courageous?

In week 18, a stage environment in front of the library will have the following play/experiment/learn items:

  • Monday – Hula Hoops
  • Tuesday – Simple DJ equipment
  • Wednesday – Juggling Balls
  • Thursday – Art Easels and Supplies
  • Friday – Piano

Courageous learners and creators are invited to enjoy and interact with any articles on the stage.

They will be filmed with the purpose for review by the prototype team to see if activities should be scaled or ditched.


This prototype is inspired by Sugata Mitra’s 1999 Hole in the Wall experiment.

Computers were placed in a slum in Kalkaji, Delhi to enable

unsupervised access, informal, public, self-guided and collaborative work

to synergize through creative and courageous play.



The Courageous Prototype Team

MS/US Veracross Scores Invisible to Parents and Students through January 18th

Hello MS/US Colleagues,

A heads-up that students and parents are now not able to see criterion scores in Veracross between yesterday and the start of Semester Two. This gives us the ability to calculate marks and enter exam scores without parents and students being able to watch us work in real time and/or get an alert every time we enter or change a mark/assignment.

If you would like to communicate marks via Veracross between now and January 18th, please do so via the comment field (like in the old days).

Please see Kasson with questions. Thanks!

Where do grades come from?

A reminder that a session on how to determine “best fit” overall achievement levels for students in Grades 6-10 will happen in D340 at lunch today. Please come along if you would like some support, advice, or reminders. For new and veteran staff alike!

Staff Party Today

Forgot to sign up? Changed your mind about coming? NO PROBLEM! Come anyway. The list on the wall is to give organisers an idea of numbers. A few extra won’t matter!

Reminder: Party starts at 4:00. Gift giving game will start at 4:15. You can drop gifts off at the tree in Staff Room any time today. Be sure to write your name on a slip at the tree and put it in the box under the tree.


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