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Facility Notice

1.Please fill yellow form if your classroom need special maintenance about cleaning, laundry, plants watering and fish feeding during winter break;

2.Due to the annual maintenance of bicycle and motorbike parking, this area will be closed in winter holiday. Any bicycles and motorbikes left in this area after 19 Dec 2018 will be disposed of. Please collect your bicycle or motorbike before that date.


Facility Department


Grade 12 Trip Week input

Dear seniors,

The first iteration of your trip week itinerary in the Spring is up in room D2o4.

Stop by to add your thoughts to it.

Mr. Mello


PS Reminder about Gym access

Please be advised that we will be closing the gym for 2nd lunch on Thursday for a full rehearsal.

Grade 3 & 5 – Please remind students that the gym will be closed on these two days. Should it rain we will just use half the gym.

Grade 2 & 4 – Can you please remind your students to come to the gym straight after 1st lunch (Angie and I will be in the Cafeteria to collect them)

If you have any queries about the assembly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lee and Angie.


Facility Notice

One outer window of mandarin classroom B155 was broken, and checked with supplier, we need to take down whole window with frame together to remake and install new glass, at least one week. So we have to put the work off until winter break. Picture attached for details. Please keep away for safety.

Facility Department


Gingerbread Houses Raffle for our charities


It is that time of year again – the legendary Gingerbread Houses are soon going to appear in the school foyer courtesy of Amy Keus. There will be 4 separate portable cakes this year for easy removal after the concert is over.

Raffle tickets will be on sale in the foyer or through Sue in Admissions before the Concert on 24th Nov and on the night itself.

Winners will be announced at the end of the Benefit Concert. Make sure you have your name and contact number on your ticket in case you are not there on the evening.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets – cash only – no WeChat.

25 RMB for 1 ticket

100 for 5 tickets

All proceeds to the 4 NIS/NIC charities


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