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Dragon & Lion Dance

Dear Colleagues,

This Friday, 9th February we will celebrate the Year of the Dog. A Dragon & Lion dance will be performed by professionals. The first performance will be from 7.40 am to 8.00 am in the Quad. Students, staff and parents will watch and appreciate the traditional way Chinese people pray for good luck, peace, and a good harvest.

A second performance will also take place in the Quad from 9.10 am to 9.30 am, straight after the assembly. Some students will have the opportunity to get involved and dance with the performers. This is definitely a photo opportunity.

We would really appreciate it if you could remind your students about the two performances and assist us in sending the students back to classes at the end of each one.

Many thanks for your support!

xīn nián kuài lè! gǒu nián dà jí
新     年     快 乐!狗   年    大 吉!


Recycle Your Hongbao

Dear All,

Each year SET will hand out Hongbao to students in the morning for CNY, and this year we are trying to reduce the waste of the Hongbao and recycle them for next year.

Please let your student know that If they want to keep the Hongbao, they are welcome to keep it and bring it home and if they do not want to keep it, please don’t through them away.

They may bring back to their homeroom if they are the student from PS, or they may put in the Hong bao recycle box on second floor opposite of Student activity&athletics office if they are student from MS/US.


Laurie back on Sundy

Dear all,

Pls be informed Laurie is off campus for AAIE Conference in New York and will be back on Sunday Feb 11.


Charity Theatre

This exciting opportunity is for any grade 6/7 student who enjoys Drama. NIS students will be working with Migrant worker students taking part in a weekly Drama workshop leading to a final performance. If you are interested in joining this project please see me at break time on Thursday 8th Feb at 10:20, in the Black Box, there are only a few places left, so hope to see you there!

Accreditation & IB Evaluation Reports

Good morning,

You can find the Accreditation and IB Evaluation Reports on the server at this location:

Public –> Teachershare –> Accreditation Reports 2017.

A reminder from yesterday’s briefing that action in response to the feedback will be strategic and integrated in line with our Mission and  Strategy.  Of course you are welcome to share ideas with Laurie or any member of SET.



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