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3pm – 6pm

Motu and Axis are serving food during the break

Come and hear about why we need inventions, tuning in to what we listen to, teaching empathy through reading, the Rainbow Project, networks of influence and more.

Register at the door at 2:30pm

50 RMB


#PYPX 2018 Mentors

Grade 5 are looking for mentors!

  • The role of the mentor is chiefly to advise and keep students on track.
  • There should be regular meetings. For the most part we would like mentor meetings to happen during UOI time, in the grade 5 classrooms. HOWEVER – no problem if they come to you if that suits you better!
  • Offer advice on locating resources and using them efficiently.
  • Ask questions (i.e. to clarify thinking, to help with processing information, to extend knowledge etc.)
  • Help interpret sophisticated/difficult information.
  • Facilitate interviews, telephone calls, any electronic communication.
  • Goal setting and time management advice.
  • Be supportive and encouraging.
  • Celebrate achievements and successes with the students.

Please email any of the grade 5 teachers if you are willing to be a part of this exciting journey! Information meeting     Thursday 22nd March at 3:15.

A Byte of Lunch

Come and join us for an “Excel-lent” lunchtime opportunity next Tuesday, 6 March. This will focus on how to extract Veracross data in an excel format and “play” with it in Excel making use of Pivot Tables, graphs, and formulas. Hope to see you there! Please bring your laptop and make sure that your Office is up-to-date (note: feel free to stop by our offices for help with this during the week).

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