Archive | March 5, 2018

Screwdriver Amnesty

PYP Design Pit screwdrivers have been borrowed and not returned. If you have borrowed one of our screwdrivers, could you please return them, no questions asked 🙂

International Women’s Day 

All staff are invited to listen to our guest speaker and enjoy breakfast in the cafeteria on Thursday March 8th at 7.15am-7.45am.
Please sign your name on the board in the staffroom by 3pm today.
Thank you
Angela R, Sonya, Marina, Kylie and Stine

SMS Test Notice

Dear ALL,

The NIS Bulk SMS Test will be held on Tuesday 06 March 2018@14.00h 


If you do NOT receive this SMS test on your mobile phone, please check on the Veracross Web Page on the right hand side and click on “Update my Household Profile”.

It is important that in the unlikely event of an emergency we are able to contact you.

If you still have a problem, contact

A Byte of Lunch Venue

Our most “excel-lent” training on Tuesday will take place in the Strategy room during lunch on Tuesday, 6 March (Day 3). Please bring your laptop!

Inter house badminton G6-8

Inter house badminton will be held at lunch on Monday the 5th March for G6-8.  Your house needs 3 boys and 3 girls to compete for the house title.  Please arrive at the beginning of lunch in the gym with your house shirts on ready to play.

Inter house badminton G9-12

Inter house badminton will be held at lunch today for G9-12.  Your house needs 4 boys and 4 girls to compete for the house title. There will be boys singles, girls singles, mixed doubles, boys doubles and girls doubles.  Competitors please ensure you arrive to the gym with your house shirt ready to play at the beginning of lunch.

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