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Door – Out of Service

Dear all,

Please see the picture below:

The glass door next to PYP yard to PAC building is closed due to maintenance. Please use other entrances to instead.

We will reopen it as soon as it is repaired.

Thanks for your understanding.

Facility Team

Mock Exams

If the barriers are across the corridor please use an alternative way to your class. Thanks for your understanding.

Excel-lent training

For those that attended our Lunch-time Excel session, thanks for coming and I hope that you learned something new and/or useful! For those that were unable to make it (and as a reminder for those that attended), please have a look at this site for some of the helpful tips and tricks for Excel that we covered. Stay tuned for more training sessions on Office 365 coming soon! (Hint: click on that last link for a world of helpful videos to get you started today!)



Music Room Notices

The music rooms will be closed this week during all breaks, lunches, and after school due to Cultural Convention preparations. An exception includes those students performing during the convention who need to finish preparing their pieces. Please have only those students (no groupies) present. Thanks.


G6-10 Tech Challenge

The G6-10 Tech challenge will take place today block 5.  All G6-10 students please line up in year groups outside the library foyer when the end of lunch bell rings, 1.50pm.  Each year group will need 5 teams per house, it is important to be able to access the maximum number of points available.

#PubPDAsia is Here!

#PubPDAsia is a movement started by likeminded international schools to get educators together on a specified date/time every few months in social settings to chat about a common learning-related topic. This conversation takes place both at the table and online where it is a moderated chat on Twitter. It’s informal and looks like fun. Check out this poster for details.

Nanjing has been invited to join the ranks for the next #PubPDAsia event next Tuesday, March 13th from 6pm-7pm at Motu Burger. The topic this time is the impact of “making connections” with one another and with students/parents on learning. Sir John Jones would be proud!

Any educator in Nanjing is invited. This would be on your own dime and is not directly NIS related. Sorry, no PD funds for sweet potato fries! A device to tweet is recommended, but NOT necessary.

If you are interested, please let Sonya, Joe, or Kasson know, just for approximate numbers sake, in person or via this QR Code.




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