Gr 6 – 8 Volleyball is on next week: See your House captains

Volleyball Gr 6 – 8
We’re planning for this to be on Thursday, March 15
• 2 separate competitions: Gr 6 – 8 Boys and Girls
• Teams of minimum 6, maximum 12.
• Net heights – Gr6-8: CISSA Sr height (2.24m)
• Round Robin format, each team playing the other 2 houses. Captains can toss a coin to see who plays first.
• One set up to 17 points. No clear 2 points required. Score for each game is recorded.
• For each competition points calculation based on total games won. If this is the same for 2 teams, the head to head game will decide the winner. If it is a 3 way tie, the points difference will decide the placings. If any of these are equal, the competition shall be declared a 3 way tie.
• Overall Placings for House Points – The boys and girls competitions for each age group are combined to give a result for that age group. Points are awarded based on the current points allocation system (30, 20, 15)

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