5 Gigabytes

Recently, there have been a few people with visits to our IT offices wondering what the message on the left means (ours, of course, is not from Vietnam – this is an example).

If you receive this message while you are connected to our NIS wifi or ethernet (i.e. Student, MYPDP Student, Teacher, etc), it means that you have reached your 5GB daily limit of school bandwidth.

This is just a friendly reminder that we all share the fruits of our “open” internet here at school, and know that it is a powerful tool for learning, sharing and collaborating. Please make sure to turn off your torrents or online gaming arenas while on campus during the school day and consider our digital philosophy tenets of RESPECT and CONNECT.

For a little perspective, many people have a data plan of 5GB per month for their mobile phone. All else equal, this quota is enough for an average of 15 hours of streaming HD video, 7-8 hours of video calling, or maybe an hour of downloading the latest season of Sherlock from your favorite torrent app.

So if you should find yourself facing this message at any point in the near or distant future, maybe ask yourself the following questions about your internet use:

  • Have I thought about how my actions might affect others?
  • Am I using technology in a way that promotes positive, inclusive attitudes?

Thank you for reading,

Your Friendly NIS IT Department

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