Athletics Day Schedule MS-US

Athletics Day Schedule MS-US-14x0mkf

TODAY! Wednesday April 25 is MS/US Athletics Day. We are flipping the lunch time, MS/US eat first, PS eat second.

Therefore, we will flip the contact teacher times as well.

That means:

Day 1 Lunch 2 people (Arsenio, Nick, Sunny P., Melody, Lee, Kylie, Lisa W., Peta, Jamie) you will do your exact duty only do it during LUNCH 1 (12:50-13:20).

 Day 1 Lunch 1 people (Darren, Luiz, Julie B., Cheryl, Juan, Olivia, Cherry, Danny, Rick, Angela F., Becky) you will do you same duty only do it during LUNCH 2 (13:20-13:50).

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